We aim to help foreign and Hungarian companies wishing to settle and expand in Hungary especially in the Southern Transdanubia region. Our job is to find the economically most suitable location taking into consideration the labour market, the logistics facilities and the possibilities for financial and legal support. We provide you with the information, agreements and service providers necessary to an undisturbed project.

We aim to make Hungary, and more precisely the Southern Transdanubia region known and acknowledged at an international level, including all of its natural, social and economic advantages, so that foreign companies may consider it an attractive location for investment. If you decide to open up your business in our region, we do our best to take over the tasks involved. We think it is especially important that foreign investment is not only a boost to the local economy, but also provides employment opportunities in the region.

If you are about to establish a new company, expanding your existing business or looking for a good investment opportunity, then we are the matching partner for you!