Amphenol has opened its newest factory in Pécs

Amphenol, one of the largest optical and electronics manufacturers in the world, has opened a plant in Pécs. Our company, Investmentor Agency, has been assisting the establishment process since the very first negotiations.

A new unit of the American Amphenol Group will begin trial production in a 800-square-foot factory on Bajor Street in Pécs, the company announced on Friday at the grand opening. Martin Booker, the company’s vice president, said the Amphenol Group has 124 units worldwide, with about 74,000 employees. It is a leading connector system company in the world contracted with a number of giant companies such as Samsung, Siemens or Philips. They are working on battery technology in Pécs, they will produce cables and connectors.

However, this is only the first step, as Winnie Chen, CEO of Amphenol, has pointed out, so far they have been present mainly in Asia and the Americas, but are now expanding into Europe.

Pécs will not only be a factory, but also a European center, where it is planned to develop development and business units beyond production.

Attila Sánta, plant manager of the Pécs factory, said that the pilot production will start and they will be continuously expanding, planning for the long term in Pécs. They already received orders for years coming. As he said, negotiations began on the company’s expansion in Pécs at the beginning of 2019 and now they have already opened the factory.

Establishing a company in a new country or continent is not an easy task. The Investmentor Agency has sufficient experience to support this process. At Amphenol, we have assisted the development of the supplier circle, as our company is associated with the most trusted companies in Hungary. In addition, our partner, Jobcapital, did the headhunting and recruiting.

At the event it was also menitoned, that Amphenol operates in seven different areas around the world, including the automotive industry, mobile technology, including cutting-edge 5G technology, and even aviation. As announced, they are launching a strong expansion into another sector, namely electric cars, not only the vehicles themselves, but also the charging stations where they also manufacture parts.

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