We can find the most ideal employees for your company

Today, one of the most important strategic areas of companies is human resource management.

Through our collaboration, we provide high-efficiency personalized HR services from finding employees, training them to the complex HR strategy. This ability is based on our extensive experience gained in various economic spheres.

Our services:

  • HR Strategy (survey, direction definition, implementation, monitoring)
  • Provide on-site HR Specialist – HR Interim
  • Wage structure planning, execution and tracking
  • selection/headhunting,
  • personnel placement,
  • larger scale recruiting,
  • Organizing employee training courses.

We help the employer with plannable, creative, yet simple processes to efficiently perform HR tasks relevant to the current challenges. These tools, together with our acquired knowledge and experience, support the achievement of business goals set by our partners.

Our references are primarily related to the heavy industry, the automotive industry, machine manufacturing, the electronics and IT sectors, but we also undertake projects from other industries. Our Swiss, Austrian and German partners can guarantee that our company is the most ideal company when it comes to finding and selecting workforce.