Comprehensive legal representation

We provide comprehensive legal support and legal representation from starting a company to tiny, daily legal tasks, in cooperation with the management of your company and your book keeping company.

Our services:

  • Establishing a company, preparing company law documents,
  • Legal support to the Board,
  • Drafting contacts,
  • Daily strategy counselling,
  • Taking care of legal issues, legal representation of the company if necessary,
  • Supporting administrative procedures such as obtaining permits and managing supervisions, appearing at authorities, local governments, and so-called Government Windows,
  • Supporting the setting up of organisational structure,
  • Proposals for supplier contracts, including warranties,
  • Harmonizing wages and labour laws with the HR supplier and the in-company HR department,
  • Keeping in touch with insurance broker companies,
  • Sharing experience regarding motivating employees,
  • Active support in developing the above and then drafting the legal documents.

We guarantee the comprehensive legal customer service for your company and owing to our wide professional network we can continuously contribute to establishing a good reputation for the company.