Supply circle

Finding the right suppliers

In addition to legal, HR and economic support our fourth core pillar is the development of the supply chain of your company. At the beginning of a project it’s extremely important who the partners and suppliers are. Our goal is to provide you the most suitable from hundreds of qualified companies with whom you can reach your goals together.

The success of a company or business is largely determined by the quality of the surrounding economic environment. An important part of the economic environment is the supply chain, which means quality and reliability for the company in the given area.

There are a large number of challenges when establishing, developing or expanding a company, and it is a difficult and time-consuming task to find reliable partners in order to manage these challenges.

  • Selecting the industrial area
  • Project preparation tasks
  • Designing buildings
  • Building industrial halls
  • Benefits program
  • Cleaning
  • Training
  • Organisational development
  • Familiarity with local features

With the many years of experience, we can make your business start faster, make integration into the economy more efficient and help your development and growth.

We assess your needs, find the suitable and reliable companies, and provide you with alternatives to choose from the best.